Guillermo's Squash Membership Information 

"Club for Thirty Players"

The Membership is about enjoying the game and the company of the players. Membership is encouraged after 2 or 3 months of usage and a mutual interest in joining the Squash Club.
Our standard membership categories are below, however, in the interest of encouraging players and the development of the game, we are flexible regarding financial situation and residential status.

A. $1,000 initiation fee and $100 per month (subject to $ for $ increase if regular member dues go up) and after          TWO years they are full voting members.

B. Non-resident membership $400 annual, no initiation.

C. Social member annual dues $400, no initiation.

D. Current active member dues $100 per month.

E. Junior Members shall pay an Initiation Fee of $250.  Junior Members’ dues are $50 per month.  Junior Members

    must be younger than 30 years of age.  Upon reaching age 30, persons who were Junior Member are entitled to

    become Full Members.  They will not have to pay additional Initiation Fees.


Each member has a key to the Club and is responsible for keeping the Club tidy, lights off and locked after usage.

Online Court Booking is available with membership.

Getting started and finding people to play ask PAM at

Members are sent a list of members and communication is encouraged to engage squash play and social interaction.

Dues and initiation fees are subject to change if the board of directors votes in favor of doing so. Payment details will be shared once membership is confirmed.

Assessment fee may occur if there are necessary repairs or emergency actions that need to be taken care of for Club maintenance.


Let’s PLAY SQUASH in Colorado Springs!

Questions email our Club President, Ian Ahrendsen at