Guillermo's Squash in Colo Springs
Guillermo's Squash in Colo Springs

Guillermo's Squash Entrance 950 Pico Point - Colorado Springs, CO with Pikes Peak in the background

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Welcome to Guillermo's Squash Club in Colorado Springs!

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Guillermo's Squash -Colorado Springs
Guillermo's Squash -Colorado Springs

Bob made Guillermo's Squash this special over sized squash racket that hangs at the club in Colorado Springs.

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Guillermo's Squash in Colo Springs
Guillermo's Squash in Colo Springs

Guillermo's Squash Entrance 950 Pico Point - Colorado Springs, CO with Pikes Peak in the background

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Hardball Doubles

International Singles

We're Back and Excited to Host 

International Singles

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Hardball Doubles - Softball Singles

Available Divisions:

Doubles Open

Doubles A

Doubles B

Doubles 40+

Doubles 50+

Doubles 60+

Doubles 70+


Singles Open

Singles A

Singles B

Singles 40+

Singles 50+

Singles 60+

Singles 70+

These may be combined based on enteries

Guillermo's will provide food and refreshments for players and guests over the weekend.

Cocktail party Saturday evening.

Special Rate Accommodations - link below


Please email Alex: or use link below

Looking forward to seeing and playing squash with you!

COVID Protocol

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep up with CDC guidelines.  We reserve the right to change our policy as we see fit between now and the start of the tournament in the interest of everyone’s safety.  But as of right now, 2 things will be REQUIRED for any participants and anyone else who wants to enter the club over the course of the weekend:


-#1         Being FULLY vaccinated.  That means 2 shots of either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine, or one shot of the J&J.  Those aged 5 to 11 must have had at least one vaccine dose. We are not allowing children aged 4 and under into the club.  Be prepared to show proof of vaccination upon arrival.  It would be even better if everyone is also boosted, but it is not required at this time.


-#2         Being 100% asymptomatic before entering the club.  We are asking everyone to be considerate of your fellow players and guests and therefore request that if you feel at all under the weather, it being a bit of a fever, a cough, sniffles or anything else, to please refrain from entering the club and letting me know immediately.  If in doubt at all, please err on the side of caution or better yet, get tested for COVID before entering the club.  It would be even better if everyone took it upon themselves to get tested shortly before the tournament to make sure you are negative.  But given the shortage of testing kits currently available, we are not making this a requirement at this time.  Although that may change if availability gets back to normal levels between now and the tournament.  But please be respectful and mindful of everyone else before entering the club.  We appreciate your consideration and cooperation in advance on that point.


Given the two points above, masks will not be required to be worn while in the club.  But anyone who feels more comfortable to do so is obviously welcome to wear a mask while in the club. 


While safety is paramount, we also believe, given the vaccine requirement for play, that the risks are manageable enough to resume our tournament under those conditions.  Booster shots for those eligible will further minimize risk. Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to make their own decisions regarding  play based on their own health conditions and those of their household and family. 

    Eye Protection is a must

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Directions to club
950 Pico Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Click Here


        Welcome Ladies