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Hardball Doubles

    Eye Protection is a must

International Singles

Guillermo’s 30th Tournament will be  2/20/25-2/23/25

Guillermo's Squash 29th Tournament Memories


Thanks again for taking the time to play in our tournament and we hope you all had a great time!  You can already put down next year’s dates for Guillermo’s 30th tourney: 2/20/25-2/23/25.  It would be great to see most of you come back next year!  As a recap for those of you who weren’t able to catch the spirited action today, here’s how the finals shook out:



                  69+                   Pollock/Hickenlooper def. Piggott/Tramutt

                  Pikes Peak           Bush/Whitted def. Evans/Hickenlooper

                  Palmer                Wilson/Wilder def. Foley/Cosper

                  Open                  Dumas/Eiteljorg def. Harrison/Williams

                  Penrose               Kolenbrander/Tapolsky def. Wilson/Velie

                  A’s                      Hill/Granade def. Dumas/Lane



                 Pikes Peak           Villanueva def. Kates

                 A’s                      Kolenbrander def. Villanueva

                 Penrose               Kates def. Silvestre

                 Open                   Williams def. Lorenz

Alex on behalf of Guillermo’s Squash Club

Social Squash

Potluck - Play - Socialize

Friday, March 8th
Starts 5:30

Come play singles, doubles
or socialize and c
atch up with friends.

Guillermos Super Bowl Party Feb 11 2024.jpg

Guillermo's Squash  28th Tournament

2023 Memories

Becca and Rob Singles Court Rob and Becca April 2022.jpg

Open Squash

It's a great way to meet other members with different levels of play in Singles and Doubles.

Ladies Squash 2022_edited.jpg

Ladies Squash

All levels welcome!

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