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The Beginning of Guillermo's Squash Club

It was just a stucco cover over concrete block with a few coats of plaster on the inside. A men's changing room and shower, a women's' shower room, and a viewing area behind the glass wall to a doubles court. It was September of 1994 and our brand new court was ready for our first game of hard ball doubles squash. We offered equity memberships to the first thirty who joined and paid a $1,000.00 initiation fee and $50 per month dues for at least two full years.My goal was to create a venue for men and women to play hard and have fun. Regardless of whether the play was at a beginner's level or a national championship level, it was to be played with respect for the 
game and for each other; always free from the need for a referee. By 1997 we were able to add an international singles court and a social room. We are very proud of our club through which we have nourished friendships not only among ourselves, but also with friends across the United States and around the world
Bill Palmer

The club was originally called the Club for 30 Players.  Above are some of the original members at our 20th year gathering.  The club is now known as Guillermo's Squash Club.

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